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What time to specify when booking transfer?

When booking on Intui, you must specify flight arrival and departure time. The system will automatically calculate the time of pick up to a car from the airport, considering receipt of baggage and passport control. Same for a transfer back to the airport from hotel, considering distance to airport, traffic and passport control (etc). In a voucher, you'll find flight arrival & departure date and time, and car departure time if it is a transfer service from the hotel to the airport.

- And if I want to arrive at the airport earlier, then what system offers me, for example for Duty-Free shopping or TAX-free declaration, how shall I act? 

For that, specify flight departure time earlier than the actual. The system will set car departure time accordingly. For the Private type of transfer, you may specify the required pickup time to the airport while booking the transfer, or at your personal client's account at the website.

If you're on charter, or you don't know flight time you may put any time you want. After booking a transfer, as soon as you know the flight time - you can either amend it yourself in your personal account.

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