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What should I specify in the field "Arrival / Departure Time"?

For Arrival time: 

You should indicate the time of arrival from your flight ticket and a representative of a carrier company will wait for you for a Maximum waiting time at the arrival point after landing. Most often it is 60 minutes for standard airports, but there may be less or more time, depending on the specific offer and the size of the transport hub. The waiting interval is indicated when booking the transfer and is also indicated in your voucher. Waiting up to 2 hours without extra charging is available if there is an option "Flight delayed" specified in the transfer details for the booked vehicle.

If you have a private transfer you may indicate the pickup time outbound to the airport you want. For shuttle bus shared transfers, this option is not allowed.

If you book a group transfer by shuttle please note that shuttles have their own schedule.  Due to delays in international flights, severe weather conditions, and arrangements of combined flights/passengers of several resorts, the waiting time may vary.

Usually, they arrive at the airport every 60-90 minutes during the daytime and more time at night (may not work at night, check the details for the transfer before booking).

For departure time: 

You should indicate the exact time of the flight departure from your flight ticket. 

If you have a charter flight please amend the departure time at your client's personal account as soon as you obtain the information or if you are not able to do it on your own send it to us to


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