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What time to specify when booking a transfer?

When booking on Intui, you must specify flight arrival and departure time.  The system will automatically calculate the time of pick up to a car from the airport, considering receipt of baggage and passport control. It also automatically calculates and offers the recommended pick-up time for the transfer Back from the hotel to the Airport, taking into account the distance to the Airport, traffic, and to the desired terminal. If you need more time to load your car,  for additional stops along the way or need additional time to visit stores at the airport, you need to set your pick-up time based on the additional time needed. Your voucher will indicate the arrival/departure time, place, and time of boarding for the transfer from the Hotel to the Airport.

- And if I want to arrive at the airport earlier, then what system offers me, for example for Duty-Free shopping or TAX-free declaration, how shall I act? 

For that, specify flight departure time earlier than the actual. The system will set the car departure time accordingly. For the Private type of transfer, you may specify the required pickup time to the airport while booking the transfer, or at your personal client's account on the website.

If you have a Charter, or you do not know the flight time, then specify any flight time. After booking the transfer, as soon as you know the time, edit the time in your personal Account.

Please note! Order editing is only available for the Flexi fare. For the Standard fare, you can only cancel with rebooking for new details of your trip. The fare for each car is indicated in the description. Cancellation, as well as editing of the order, are made by the client independently in the Personal Account online.

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