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What is the warranty that transfer will be provided?

  1. After confirming the order, you receive voucher where you can find transport company contact details. You can call their number if you want to check. These details are also available in your account. For example:
  2. After payment, the voucher is always available for download in your account.
  3. You can read some of many positive reviews. 97% of our clients are satisfied!
  4. Before each booking, we ask transport company about transfer availability. Each booking has a number located on the voucher.
  5. Reliability of is proven with SSL certificate, signed by Comodo. It means that website actually does what it says it does.
    Payment goes directly to transport company. Information about the card is sent in full security via HTTPS/SSL protocol. High payment and private data security are guaranteed by SSL Wildcard certificate, signed by Comodo, supporting 256-bit encryption.
    The website fully meets the security standards of payment systems such as Visa and MasterCard.
  6. Any transfer can be cancelled. You can check transfer cancellation conditions at the booking stage (while making a booking). They are also available in your Personal Account on the website.

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