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Condtions of editing already payed transfer?

You can edit an already payed transfer.

You can change anything, if there are more than 5 hours left.

Changing contact details, phone number, flight details can be done online in your Personal Account.

Edit of the transfer details

Enter all changes and click "Apply". After verification, updated voucher will be sent to your email.

And if there's less than 5 hours left? In this case, you have to immediately call the transfer company, in country where the transfer will take place. Phone numbers are in your voucher. When calling there, specify your family name and voucher number.

Example of transfer voucher:

Пример ваучера с номерами телефонов кампании по трансферу

If you do not inform transfer company about changes, transfer will be given based on original information. In this case is not responsible and no money will be refunded.

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