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I can't cancel the transfer in my Personal Account. How to be?

According to the User Agreement, the client himself / herself cancels the order in the Personal Account at any time before the date of the first (or only) transfer segment.There is no payment for canceling an order in your personal account.

In a situation where the client cannot independently cancel the transfer in his / her personal account (for any reason), the client contacts the Intui support service.

Cancellation of an order at the initiative of the client through the Intui support service is possible only upon the client's written request to email

In this case, an amount of 10 EUR will be withheld and the refund amount will be reduced accordingly.

On a case-by-case basis, the Cancellation Terms and Conditions specified when booking and paying for the order apply.

According to the terms of the Transport Company, if, at the time Intui receives your cancellation request, the cancellation deadline is due, the amount for the canceled order will not be refunded.

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