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Is there a possibility to pay the transfer in full right now?

Yes, sure. You choose yourself the most suitable kind of payment for you. 

How to pay the full cost of an airport hotel transfer on the website?

There are two types of payment for booking on the Intui website: Full and Partial. In order for the car to be reserved for your trip, you need to make a payment. After receiving payment from you, a booking is created and the transport company reserves the car and the driver's time.

Full payment of the booking of the airport&hotel transfer on the website

 is a payment of 100% of the cost.

Partial payment - you pay part of the amount on the Intui website, and the rest - at the place where the transfer service is provided.

In order to find out what types and methods of payment are available,

click the “Details and Conditions” tab at the car:

 Details and Conditions button

A fragment of the document was made by the authors of the article. The document is the property of Intui travel.

After the information about the services provided, you will find information about the payment methods - full payment or partial payment:

A fragment of the document was made by the authors of the article. The document is the property of Intui travel.

Not every transport company can take payment on the spot, so not every booking has a “Partial” payment type on the website. 

Full and partial payment of the booking on the website - which is better.

The total cost of the booking with partial payment may be slightly less than in the case of full payment. If you have to pay in another currency on the spot, there is a risk of an increase in the exchange rate, as a result, the cost of the booking will be higher for you. Keep in mind that the cost of the booking in the currency you selected when making the booking does not change after you have paid for the booking in any form, in whole or in part. Only exchange rates can change.

The full payment method on the website is available for any order. In this case, when paying on the website, you can choose the payment currency and method, which Intui offers much more than when paying on the spot.

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