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Cancellation and Refund

Refund for a canceled order

1. Cancellation Policy.

  For each order, according to the chosen fare the carrier companies set their own time limit of free of charge cancellation and of refund of the whole prepaid sum.

The date and time of cancellation of the order without penalty is indicated when choosing a transfer, at the stage of booking, as well as the cancellation conditions are available on the order card in your Personal Account on the website.

- For the STANDARD  fare, the Transfer Cancellation without penalty is possible if the order was canceled more than 48 hours.

- For the FLEXI tariff, cancellation of the transfer order without penalty can be if the order is canceled more than the specified time in the order.

If the transfer reservation is canceled less than the deadline specified in the order for cancellation, the carrier company will not refund the amount paid.

How to cancel my booking?

2. Terms of refund

The refund of the payment received from you is made within 1-5 business days after the cancellation using the same payment system that was paid by you.

The dates of the refund procedure might be changed due to force majeure circumstances or any other conditions not caused and not subject to In this case, we will certainly inform you about new dates.

3. Fees for the refund

3.1. You have paid (and been refunded) with a Visa/ Mastercard via IntellectMoney or WeChat, fees and/or any commission for the refund do not apply.

3.2. You have paid via PayPal. 0,35 EUR fee for the refund transferring is charged by the PayPal system if you used it for the payment. 0,35 EUR fee  is deducted via the payment system and reduces the refund amount.

3.3. 3 EUR fee for the refund transferring is charged by the Paymentwall system or Amazon Pay if you used it for the payment. 3 EUR fee  is deducted via the payment system and reduces the refund amount.

3.4. You paid through the payment system iDEAL,POLI. The refund is made to the details that you provide when you make a request. In this case, a fee will be charged to the banking systems for processing the transaction, which can range from 0.6 EUR to 35 EUR, depending on which bank and country your account is for in order to receive a refund. Transaction fees will be deducted from the refund amount.

3.5. Through the payment system Alipay  3% commission is charged for the transfer (refund) of funds charged by the processing center, and reduces the refund amount.

If the order is canceled at the initiative of the Transport Company, the commission fee for refund is not charged from the client.

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